15/12/2021 – BREXIT NEWS

Please find the minutes of the Brexit webinar of 13 December 2021. Click here to view

Please also find the storage document for fishery products, which can be requested by the British authorities. This document is to be filled in by the clients and validated by the maritime affairs of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Click here to view


Sharing of information from the Boulogne-sur-Mer Brexit unit

On 1 January 2022, the application of reinforced customs rules will come into force at the Brexit borders, including

In France, the reverse charge of VAT will be compulsory from 1 January 2022, which means that a British supplier who exports under the DDP incoterm will be obliged to hold a VAT number in France. If not, a change of incoterm is to be expected, DDP not being recommended for trade with third countries.

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In the UK / UK Customs Controls

  • UK export to EU

Exports will be subject to the strict regulation not applied for the moment: EORI+EXS+GVMS/GMR/MRN

Info on: https://www.gov.uk/topic/business-tax/import-export

Transport of empty packages and pallets from the UK to France (including from the Republic of Ireland using the UK landbridge) will have to be accompanied by an EXS/ Exit Summary Declaration. Without the EXS the truck will be blocked as it is not identified.

  • EU to UK imports :

In order to regulate imports, many of which have not been declared since 1 January 2021 by UK importers, from 1 January 2022 it will be compulsory to produce (to the UK authorities) the EORI of the declarant and not the EORI of the importer if he is not the declarant.

Be vigilant and anticipate by informing your British suppliers or buyers and your hauliers because their drivers will have to adapt to the strict application of the rules on the British side since in 2021 flexibility was the rule.

Rappel contact du Pole conseils des Douanes Françaises aux entreprises :


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01/12/2021 – BREXIT NEWS

Additional information about the tightening of British customs controls from 1 January 2022 .

To export to a third country such as the UK, register your REX status on the online service SOPRANO-REX .

The REX status allows the company to certify the origin of the exported EU goods itself.

Customs data sheet: https://www.douane.gouv.fr/sites/default/files/documentation/pdf/le-statut-d-exportateur-enregistre-%28rex%29.pdf

30/12/2020 – Brexit D-2

Here is the link to the Customs Directory to get all the contact details:


*For Nord Pas de Calais, please indicate:

Type of service: Customs office

Direction: Dunkerque

02/12/2020 – BREXIT NEWS

We provide you with the SIVEP and Customs presentations, versions of 20 November 2020:

Customs presentation 20.11.2020

SIVEP presentation 20.11.2020

Obtaining a Kent Access Permit for all HGVs + 7.5T (even empty) from the UK to France:

Click on Service start page to test the service, at the bottom of the page click on start now to proceed to the test.

Any false declaration will result in the expulsion of the vehicle from Kent + €330 fine

More general information ⇒ here


Here is the UK government’s weblink to the 3 essential summary documents in preparation for SEAFOOD BREXIT to land and export aquatic products ⇒ click here  

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In order to facilitate the administrative procedures for customs clearance, and ultimately border crossings, dematerialised platforms have been set up:

-On the French side: DELTA and its two components, DELTA-G for general cargo and DELTA-X for express cargo, accessible 24 hours a day, allows you to enter a pre-declaration 30 days before crossing the border
for more information : www.brexit.gouv.fr

-UK side: 2 online services, CDS or CHIEF, to submit customs declarations
for more information : www.gov.uk/government/brexit

2019 03 08_Flyer_DGDouane_Francais.pdf  (1.64 Mo)
2019 03 08_Flyer_DGDouane_Anglais.pdf  (1.63 Mo)


20/02/2019 The latest information from French Customs on the Brexit:





On 29 March 2019, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.

Operators in the fisheries sector are asking themselves many questions about the economic changes and the management of logistics flows that this will bring about.

As an Authorised Economic Operator, Norfrigo provides you with useful links to answer your questions on this subject:


After the vote on 15 January 2019, the different possible scenarios : https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46393399