Packopale & CONEGAN


As a key complement to our logistics services, we can facilitate your just-in-time requirements for all types of packaging-repackaging requirements, thanks to our Packopale & CONEGAN workshop:

  • Sorting, calibrating, weighing, labelling (on sachets and on cartons)
  • Metal detection, X-ray checks
  • Co-packing, repackaging,
  • Bagging of any type (headed bag, illustrated sachet, IQF cartons, etc.)
  • Containers
  • Shrink film packaging (whole salmon, tubs of scampi, crabmeat, half or whole lobster, etc.)
  • Vacuum packing (fillets or small pieces)
  • Mixed products
  • Cutting (fillets, blocks of crabmeat, lobsters, industrial slabs, etc.)
  • Personalisation of your packaging
  • Specific packaging studies according to your products and requests