The diverse customer base of NORFRIGO is composed of industrialists (1/3rd of its turnover) and a large number of wholesaler-distributors, the vast majority of whose products come from outside the European Union. Given its geographical location in France, NORFRIGO attracts flows from Northern Europe, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands, or even more locally from Le Havre (import/export flows). The products are then shipped by lorry, or even by container using the motorways. These operators located in the region are then able to supply to the whole world.

At NORFRIGO, our priority remains to be attentive to our customers need, traceability, quality and safety while continuously adapting our wide range of services to the requirements of a global market. The diversity of our warehouses (mass storage, fixed or mobile racks, fresh or frozen storage, etc.) and their inherent specificity allows us to offer tailor-made services close to our client’s needs.

NORFRIGO can adapt to your organization and your specifications.

Business relationships are formed over a sustained period of time through the development of genuine partnerships. Our relationships in addition are built on proven track record and trust that only the highest standard of quality will be provided, which is made possible by our fast acting ability and high-quality logistics facilities.

Connection with PACKOPALE & CONEGAN packaging workshop will help you to develop your commercial prospects.

We can manage your stocks effectively using our real-time information systems provided through the internet or through EDI systems which consequently guarantee impeccable traceability

Our main client categories presently are: distributors (mass distribution, catering), industrialists (sea products, bakery, patisserie, ready meals, fruit and vegetables) and wholesalers (import-export).