As a business, NORFRIGO has remained manageable in size with minimal structural costs

The hands-on management facilitates a business culture imbued with a service-oriented mindset and quick reaction times, which are highly sought-after among service providers. The small sized teams makes it possible to develop the versatility of the team members, which allows the business to be flexible, react quickly and ensure ongoing impeccable service. The operational management is made up of the following:

  • CEO : Antoine Le Garrec
  • Director : Charles Vanappelghem
  • Activities manager: Fabien Derepper
  • QHSE manager: Fabien Gressier
  • Head of operations: Steeve Kroonberg (NORFRIGO 4), David Havart (Norfrigo 6), Lory Babin (Norfrigo 8), Claude Rivet (Norfrigo Wimille).

The running of our warehouses relies on its quality management systems. Since January 2015, NORFRIGO has been certified by IFS Logistics (97,98%) and BRC Storage & Distribution (grade A).

The IT system, which is regularly updated, is specifically designed for the management of refrigerated warehouse stocks. It offers the secure and real-time consultation of stocks, stock movements and stock history on the internet. This is used to automate the inspections and tasks using standardised barcodes and on-board terminals.