PACKOPALE & CONEGAN are 2 factories connected with NORFRIGO which offer comprehensive packaging solutions for different kind of products imported from throughout the world:

  • Bagging of any type (headed bag, illustrated sachet, IQF cartons, etc.)
  • Containers – Punnet (shrink-wrapped tray)
  • Shrink film packaging (whole salmon, tubs of scampi, crabmeat, half or whole lobster, etc.)
  • Vacuum packing (fillets or small pieces)
  • Mixed products
  • Cutting (fillets, blocks of crabmeat, lobsters, industrial slabs, etc.)
  • Labelling (on sachets or on cartons)
  • Co-packing
  • X-ray

These facilities, which are an essential complement to our logistics services, are used by operators to respond to specific requests from distributors using just-in-time production methods. Their strength resides in their management of a flexible schedule, which is capable of incorporating urgent and challenging orders from its clients. The traceability of the batches is guaranteed and the cold chain is optimized because of the cold rooms of NORFRIGO, who acts as a reliable and fast-acting partner while providing an effective solution to the demands and expectations of the market.

The quality control systems are present throughout the production lines. The detection of foreign bodies and bacteriological analyses are conducted continuously. The quality system is capable of meeting the requirements of MSC, IFS, BRC audits as well as any other. The flexibility, fast reaction times and commitment of the teams means that both facilities can offer impeccable continuity of service.